Take your home entertainment experience to the next level with an Elite UHD TV. Combining style with must-have innovation, it’s made to deliver a spellbinding TV performance, capturing a greater range of vibrant colours as well as life-like brightness. Packed with every leading-edge feature from Wide Colour Gamut and HDR to pin-point sharp UHD picture clarity, this surprisingly affordable TV Series brings you plenty of access to compatible HDR content. As well as supporting HDR10, the Elite UHD model offers compatibility with Dolby Vision HDR content – the preferred HDR format of world-leading movie makers. A home entertainment hero, the TV’s future-proof visual and audio technologies are framed by an ultra-slim and contemporary metal design.

  • Enhanced UHD TV

    EnhancedUHD TV

    With an Enhanced UHD TV, you’ll never want to blink or take your eyes off the screen. Designed to captivate, it immerses you in the on-screen action, offering pin-point sharp UHD picture clarity as well as life-like colour vibrancy. Thanks to its slim, minimalist style metal frame, it’s also the ideal style statement for every home.

  • Primary UHD TV

    PrimaryUHD TV

    Everything you need and more, the Finlux Primary UHD TV offers a whole world of home entertainment in life-like UHD resolution. With four times as many pixels as a Full HD TV, it’s designed to offer pristine picture clarity. Thanks to the TV’s upscaler feature, you can even enhance the quality of non-UHD content. Your go-to home entertainment companion, it also brings you access to countless catch up TV and on demand services, such as Netflix.

  • Premium FHD TV

    PremiumFHD TV

    The highest tier TV in Full HD resolution comes with Finlux’s exclusive ultra-slim and fashionable metal design. Every possible feature of FHD TV is combined within a single product. Perfection in design that is inspired by Nordic cultures combining traditional styles with simplistic luxury achieved pure elegance. Latest innovations lead to delivering a mesmerizing TV performance. Tailor-made Finlux smart tools enhance user-friendliness, integrated wireless module helps to build customized environment. Home entertainment boosted with built in surround sound system and availability for online catch-up services as well as the video on demand leaders. Netflix, YouTube, and world’s other mostly used apps are waiting for you.

  • Smart FHD TV

    SmartFHD TV

    Discover vast libraries of home entertainment with a Finlux Smart TV. With one click of the remote control, you’re online and ready to select from countless catch up and on demand TV services, such as Netflix and YouTube. Bringing you more entertainment options in picture perfect Full HD resolution, our Finlux Smart TVs ensure that you can log into your social media accounts as well as browse through the expansive selection of live and on demand content that can be found on the Opera TV Store. With our app, you can also share content to and from your Finlux TV screen.

  • LED TV


    Choose the perfect size and style of TV for your home. With Finlux, you can always find exactly what you want and need. Temptingly affordable, our extensive range includes picture perfect Full HD and Smart TVs, which enable you to watch more entertainment online and in your own time.

  • LCD TV