Smart FHD TV

Smart Recommendation

Smart Recommend system identifies your preferences and habits from the broadcasts you watch, and recommends you the shows that might attract your interest. Searching between channels to find out something you might like is handled by smart TV recommendation engine in a manner of time.

DTS Sound

Industry leading multichannel codec for surround sound comes with Finlux. Delivers immersive surround sound from a 2.0 speaker configuration commonly used in TVs. Features definition control for maximum high frequency realism and clarity.

Audio Video Sharing

Finlux smart TV’s are supporting audio – video sharing between your devices to increase home entertainment. It’s now easy to stream music, video and other media around the house without any difficulty.

Web Browser

Smart TV is not complete without a web browser opening the door for rich web contents. Vewd web browser comes by with the Finlux smart TV for your internet needs.

Finlux Smart Remote

Smart remote application is the most basic way to control your TV without the remote controller. Application that works with iOS and Android mobile devices connects the same wireless with the TV and ease to use every function with stylish user interface.

Finlux Smart Center

Control your smart TV and go beyond the mobile experience with Finlux Smart Center. Smart remote embedded application, that can connect social media accounts, allows peeking in program details via rich EPG services. Clones free DVB broadcast channels on your mobile device with Follow TV. Watch your multimedia content in mobile device on TV with DLNA support. Touchpad support for Internet browser experience on Smart TV also comes with voice command availability.